Music Director


Dorine Fowke Music Director

Once again it has been a privilege for me to lead the music ministry at St. James. Choir members continue to come and go, but we have been blessed to keep all four parts going. We are also blessed to have a higher number than average group of singers who read music well. This is quite amazing in such a small group. Thanks be to God.

The change in Father Robert’s service schedule, has made planning a bit easier, and we are trying to have anthems done more regularly. This past year, the greater challenge has been working around the schedules of various choristers. The choir also continues to provide music leadership for funerals according to our availability.

We have also endeavoured to add some “contemporary” Christian music to the congregation’s repertoire. Our plan is to continue to do this with songs that are singable, theologically sound, and that fit the “character” of the congregation.


Dorine Fowke has been our music director since 2013.