St James Anglican Church

Kemptville, ON, Canada


The time before, during and after someone’s death can be anxious, fearful and confusing. We understand and we want to offer our caring pastoral support as you handle all of the details and prepare to mourn your loved one’s death and to celebrate your loved one’s life.

St. James has hosted large funerals and smaller more intimate funerals.

Don’t worry about figuring out an order for the funeral.  St. Jame’s use the Anglican Church’s  traditional funeral liturgy found in the Book of Alternative Services . We cater the service with Christian Hymn’s, readings from the Bible, sermon, and in some cases a family member shares  memories of their loved one. When a funeral home is involved we coordinate with them directly.


Please contact the office at if you would like to arrange a funeral. We will respond to you in as timely a fashion as possible and assist you in preparing a suitable celebration for the life of your loved one who has died.