St. James Anglican Church

Worship in Person

Traditional Service - Sunday's at 8:00am

A quiet, contemplative service with Eucharist of about 50 minutes using the language of the Book of Common Prayer.

This service is usually without music and is held between September through June.

The service format can be found on page 230 of the Book of Alternative Services

Contemporary Service - Sunday's at 10:30am

A celebratory Eucharist service.

Congregational singing is lead by our choir accompanied by organ, piano and sometimes some other instruments.

Every service is open to all ages.

We have a play area at the back for the young ones and their parents so everyone can be part of the service.

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Summer Service - Sunday at 10:00am

There is only the Contemporary service held at the church during July and August 2023. 

Services return to their normal times as of the 3rd of September 2023.