St. James Anglican Church


     We are delighted that you are interested in being married at St. James.  It is a beautiful and inspiring place for a wedding.  Christian marriage is a lifelong commitment to one another and to Christ and we want to support you as you prepare for it.  Holy Matrimony is not simply about asking for God’s blessing and protection on your happiness.  It is a commitment to make your marriage a gift to God – a sacrament to this broken world and a sign of God’s love for the world.  That idea is both challenging and inspiring.

Who can be married in an Anglican Church?

     To be married at St. James at least one person must be baptized and the couple will participate in a marriage preparation course.  We will ask those who witness your vows to do all in their power to support and encourage you in your marriage.  St. James adheres to the Marriage Canon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

What does an Anglican Wedding look like?

     Weddings in St. James will follow the marriage liturgy of either the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and will be officiated by a member of the Anglican clergy. A member of the  clergy from another Christian denomination may also take part in the service.  Readings from scripture and music will be chosen in consultation with the officiant.

What are the costs associated with a wedding?

     The honoraria associated with a wedding at St. James include the Officiant, the Music Director and the one-time use of the Church.

     Full details are available from the Incumbent.